Monday, September 27, 2010

Court fines

Well, this sucks. I owe hundreds of dollars to the court for stupid stuff. I'm, of course, accountable and it was my fault but damn, lower the fines a bit yeah? Tearin me a new one, now I have to work my ASS off to pay these. Tis' not going to be fun.


  1. Dude one time I had to pay 600 dollars in fines for something as dumb as not having my license re-registered.

  2. Jon, that fucking sucks.

    Oh..and speeding ticket + no show to court THEN got a warrant for my arrest and failure to signal + expired license.

    Got pulled over with a warrant, fml.

  3. They always screw you over. Here you get a 200 euro fine for exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph