Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ahh College

College should be a fresh of new air and I welcome it with open arms. I'm excited for tomorrow.


  1. Nothing like being the new guy on the block. I bet your excited. Step 1: FIND A WAY TO ACQUIRE ALCOHOL, Step 2: Sell to other students at grossly inflated price during parties. Step 3:????, Step 4: PROFIT!!

    I'm interested in seeing where all this is going. Hit me up, I'm building a nest of collaborators to help me with my blog:

  2. Yayyyyyyy for college! I wanna go back so badly >_< I wrote a post a couple days ago about it, and its so true.

    Cawlin's Twitter!

  3. Haha Cye, kept in mind. And Cawlin, I believe you haha. So far college is great :).